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RFx Details
RFx Ref No: NUH-RFP-19-0009 Buyer Company Name:   National University Hospital(s) Pte Ltd
3-Year Term Contract for the Supply and Delivery of Dental Cassette System

Starting Date/Time: 31/1/2019 6:00:00 PM Closing Date/Time: 25/2/2019 12:00:00 PM
Vendor Eligibility/Vendor Briefing/Contact Person:
You are not debarred by NUHS Group
You are present at the compulsory RFP briefing
You are the original manufacturer or authorized distributor / agent for the item
You have local support and presence
Your submitted price is comprehensive and in accordance to requirements
You have a net margin (i.e. net profit / revenue) of at least 0.5% in your latest financial statements? Or else you are able to meet any of the following?

(a) have a Parent Company / Principal who can meet the net margin requirement and is willing to issue a Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity, or 
(b) submit a security deposit of 10%?

Note: Financial statements must be audited unless you qualifies for audit exemption

You are to attend a compulsory vendor briefing on 13-Feb-2019 @ 10am at National University Hospital, Materials Management Department, National University Centre for Oral Health Singapore, Level 1, 9 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119085

Contact: Michelle Yeo
Email: michelle.yeo@alpshealth

Please note all request to participate in the RFQ/RFP/Tender does not equal to invitation to quote automatically.
Buyer Company reserve the rights to invite additional suppliers to submit a quote.